just some fucking drama

The thing about social drama is that it takes up brain space, it contributes to my limited amount of stress I can take before I burst, it devolves quality friend time into arguments and gossiping instead of growth, and it takes away alone time from personal development to worrying. I have no patience for this shit.

When JKm Knows Me

WH shook things up this morning (again – details later), and I decided to go to JKm for advice. I’d never before, mostly because he’s so non-confrontational I was skeptical he would give advice, and also because I didn’t think he’d want to know about my problems with WH. And he surprised me by reallyContinue reading “When JKm Knows Me”

I Literally Just Wrote Out A Plan for WH

Go to gym, see if I still want to be friends with him. If yes, Dinner: You hurt me by being on and off friends with me randomly and without warning all last semester, and especially the beginning of this semester. I stopped feeling welcome/good/happy around you because you always shot me down and avoidedContinue reading “I Literally Just Wrote Out A Plan for WH”

The Lowdown on WH

WH acknowledged, at the last minute before going separate ways for the night, and in one apologetic sentence, that he’s been pulling away. I acknowledged that I had noticed. And then I went inside, shutting off discussion. My thoughts on this: We got very close, very quickly at the beginning of last semester. Feelings gotContinue reading “The Lowdown on WH”

sorry its been a while

So I noticed I’ve started to post to this less and less. I’m gunna! Im not going to stop cuz this is my diary…. Anyway, its been like a week and a half. I barely remember whats happened, but now PGF K and I have an inside joke, which is great. Jazz band is over,Continue reading “sorry its been a while”

annnddd today friend drama

today was decent. i was all ready to confront EMC on how she had been treating me, when i walk into the classroom and she’s absent. ABSENT! she is never absent! wth? then i realize i’m happy she’s not there. because i won’t have to feel left out, or not good enough…. then i realizedContinue reading “annnddd today friend drama”

early ‘test corrections’ and 1st track meet (3/6 – 3/7)

Wellllllll Lots going onnnnn So on Tuesday, it was 1-3-5. Guess what I got to do? Remember that test I ‘failed’ oh-so uncharacteristically? Well, turns out, I just bubbled in the wrong test form. I actually got minus 4……a 93%. And guess how I found that out? BY GOING TO SCHOOL AT 6 IN THEContinue reading “early ‘test corrections’ and 1st track meet (3/6 – 3/7)”

impure thoughtssss

well yesterday we had our high school girls small group thing. we talked about impure thoughts and how far is too far and all of that stuff. We were talking about how too far is around where you start or make others start to think impure thoughts, like about sex. its interesting, because we wereContinue reading “impure thoughtssss”