Foreign Day #13

Pretty much the last day. He came to APUSH, where he didn’t fight the teacher about history (we’d decided to on Tuesday night, but there wasn’t much to fight). Left me for math, and lunch he hung out with the foreigns while I went to physics. I was kind of bummed – like, I wantedContinue reading “Foreign Day #13”

Foreign Day #10

Sunday. I had PD over early for a physics review, but that.. er…flopped. Played ping pong with FR for about an hour – “ping pong”. We played ping pong for about 2 minutes, before it transferred into a paddle less game, then a contest to see who could roll the ping pong over the garageContinue reading “Foreign Day #10”

Foreign Day #9

Saturday was my piano scholarship audition thing, so the foreigns went out to a tourist-y shop spot whilst I practiced. ANYWAY, the foreign part. I met up with FR and my mom later. We visited a super touristy and high end beach, which, I must admit, has the best view in my entire city. ItContinue reading “Foreign Day #9”

Foreign Day #6

So the foreign went out on an excursion today, so I went to school alone 😦  Went to piano, and picked up Foreign FR (that’s my foreign) on the way to jazz band. Then picked up Foreign TV, because he loves music and why not? Popped in, said hi to WB and CP, introduced theContinue reading “Foreign Day #6”

Foreign Day #5

Today! Super late start, so we headed to breakfast with CM and her foreign, RU and his two foreigns, and EC, GH, and TC joined up too. Breakfast went well. Class was relatively boring, but after 1st, Foreign opened up. It’s pretty interesting seeing him with his foreign friends – I get a sense ofContinue reading “Foreign Day #5”

Foreign Day #4

And this was the first full day of school. Physics – teacher charmed us all. Band – he met up with his foreign friends and laughed in the back at us, because we sight read and it sounded like a nightmare. Spanish – I felt bad because he looked just…so…bored. He doesn’t speak Spanish. WeContinue reading “Foreign Day #4”

Foreign Day #3

Sunday. I skipped my run with PD for the sake of practicing, and foreign. Practicing went out the window when foreign decided to make us a traditional breakfast, which ended up basically being a pancake that was split into many pieces. It wasn’t bad, but…yeah. But he’s so adorable. We were eating it, and heContinue reading “Foreign Day #3”