post a marxist essay on chinese women

I find that dialogue around the racialized experience in the US is odd in that it completely excludes the relationship with the home country. While I am not Chinese, my parents are. My extended family is. They all exerted pressures and mapped influences onto me during my most impressionable periods of development, and the exclusionContinue reading “post a marxist essay on chinese women”

06/23/17, 1:10pm

Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga — these women have *won*. They are so crazy, so odd, that no one can sexualize them but themselves. “What are you wearing?” is always the female celebrity trap, and so Lady Gaga wears meat dresses and bubble dresses and makes the whole thing so insanely performative that there is noContinue reading “06/23/17, 1:10pm”

my hairy armpits

are only there because of my boobs which grew recently. not by much, but enough that my self-confidence heaved itself over the cliff it was dangling from gangly arms shaking from exhaustion and staggered to flat land, flatt butt pott belly and all where it smiled smugly and decided that it could have body hairContinue reading “my hairy armpits”