Shooting stars

Band camp was fun, in general. Really, my favorite part was after the campfire, when JL, CP, TI, ND, WB and I all just sat in our chairs, tipped our heads back, and looked at the stars…I never see stars back home, because of light pollution and all that, but out in the campgrounds, thereContinue reading “Shooting stars”


So I guess I have a date to prom. During band, I didn’t talk to him or anything, but I did see a flute under his chair…I thought maybe he’d been somehow playing the flute part or something off of my section’s music (he sits right behind them). I made a note to ask himContinue reading “Prom!”

The End of (Marching) Band

It’s officially over, and can I just say that I am stoked.  In all honesty, I don’t really enjoy marching band all that much. I love the people, I love music, I have fun….but marching band itself? Eh. Which is why I’m so glad that today was the last tournament. And I’m free until nextContinue reading “The End of (Marching) Band”

The Satisfaction In Teaching Flute

This Thursday I got the amazing opportunity to teach flute at our local middle school. It was originally scheduled for Tuesday, but because of scheduling problems the date was changed. I was crushed when I was informed that day. But it was so….fun! Honestly, there’s no other way to put it. I arrived there, andContinue reading “The Satisfaction In Teaching Flute”

Band Camp

Well, Band Camp is up and rolling. Actually, it’s almost done. I’ve been slightly slacking on these posts. It’s been well. I’m section leader, and my (albeit small) section is responding really, really well! I couldn’t be happier. Except for the fact that I have a solo. That was a fun little tidbit that theyContinue reading “Band Camp”

track day numero uno…(2/28)

1st day of track….. yeah. Nuff said. Actually not haha. So I woke up this morning, looked out the morning, and the sky was on the verge of tears. Heavy dark clouds, freezing temps,… get the picture. There went my motivation for an outfit, so here came my black dirty hoodie, jeans, and beat upContinue reading “track day numero uno…(2/28)”


so today was just catch up on my work and stuff I’ve been too lazy to do day. except not really, because i was still too lazy today and i didn’t do much of it. i got some homework done (over prez weekend! what sort of a teacher DOES that?), didn’t go running even thoughContinue reading “todaaaayy”

nice sat

woke up today with no ambition and laziness galore. i really thought i would do absolutely nothing today. unfortunately, destiny had other plans for me. i got up around 7:30 and ate breakfast. realized i have a piano recital tomorrow (it sort of got drowned out by the competition.) and i practiced piano for aContinue reading “nice sat”

debate Day 2, piano, and band parade, yup super busy

so good and bad stuff. i am going to put each day on a separate post for the sake of organization. so this is day 2. i already blogged day 1. alright, so i get up at like 5:30 so i can get ready and be there by 6:30. when i get there, all theyContinue reading “debate Day 2, piano, and band parade, yup super busy”

decent boring day

woke up on time, did my mini workout, dressed in a pretty tunic and cuffed my jeans. the tunic was slightly sheer…..but only in the sunlight. went to school, was on time, switched seats in spanish and now I’m next to awesome people plus my friend P! yay after spanish, i looked discreetly for CrushContinue reading “decent boring day”