challenge day

well sunday i decided to wear my brother’s old t-shirt. i love that t shirt, first of all i just love it, and second of all because of the image it generates. idk….just the ‘cool girl who doesn’t care about her clothes’. yeah right. we had fun at church, mostly, i think, because Frenemy SWContinue reading “challenge day”

Crush VVVVVVVV newssssss

okokokkok I’m going to start from the beginning. that last week went awful. Friday night we decorated our youth room! it was super fun, and we added paint-on whiteboards and blackboards. yeahhhhhh i got closer to friend KW saturday, i had my EXETER interview. and it was so fun! before, we got there early becauseContinue reading “Crush VVVVVVVV newssssss”