Winter break 2012 (2013!) continuedddd

ok, so friday i hung out with friend TG. we made banana bread, but it tasted disgusting. it was still fun, though. on saturday it was my grandma’s birthday, and i wanted it to be perfect. i got up early and made this amaaaaazing quiche and lasagna! but i was so into it i forgotContinue reading “Winter break 2012 (2013!) continuedddd”

let summer begin!!!

So much has happened! Life is going so nice right now. Of course, theres the fact that it’s summer! SUMMERRRRRRRR I have been working out and running in the mountains behind my house on these great trails. I’m working up to running for an hour straight, then improving my speed. The last week of schoolContinue reading “let summer begin!!!”

spring break and week after

So im actually on spring break, on a road trip. I haven’t had any time to post before, so here I am. Quick overview (probably not, itll be super long, just watch) Saturday was triton’s day (for UCSD, for my brother) so I just went too. There was an insane amount of traffic…once we wereContinue reading “spring break and week after”


well there is one thing. i got to (sort of) sleep in today, because all the sophomores had to take this state test and everyone else was forced to go to school and sit for 3 hours and do nothing. no joke. i kid you not, nothing. apparently the school needs a certain amount ofContinue reading “yeah….nothing”

early ‘test corrections’ and 1st track meet (3/6 – 3/7)

Wellllllll Lots going onnnnn So on Tuesday, it was 1-3-5. Guess what I got to do? Remember that test I ‘failed’ oh-so uncharacteristically? Well, turns out, I just bubbled in the wrong test form. I actually got minus 4……a 93%. And guess how I found that out? BY GOING TO SCHOOL AT 6 IN THEContinue reading “early ‘test corrections’ and 1st track meet (3/6 – 3/7)”

ERC leaves (3/5)

K so monnnndayyyyy Was my best friend ERC’s last day at school. Was the first day I ever failed a test in my entire life. Was the first day I made a new friend at track. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH So lets start from the beginning…… I woke up right on time, ate breakfast. I finalllllly wore myContinue reading “ERC leaves (3/5)”

hanging with friends over prezzie day

so……i went to friend AH’s house on saturday! on the way there i picked up some movies from our local blockbuster thats closing down. sad, isn’t it? netflix taking over. I’ve got good memories at blockbuster. anyway, i got it’s a boy girl thing, bratz, and the grudge. for my sleepover with bestie EMC….a horror movie,Continue reading “hanging with friends over prezzie day”

and THIS ONE was last sunday

Ok, so on Thursday, it was 1-3-5 and 1 went fine and 3 went fine and 5 went fine. Oh, and there was this heat-wave, so I got to wear my really summery volcom sundress! It was super reavealing, though, so I kept my jacket on. Anyway, during lunch I went to the track andContinue reading “and THIS ONE was last sunday”

challenge day

well sunday i decided to wear my brother’s old t-shirt. i love that t shirt, first of all i just love it, and second of all because of the image it generates. idk….just the ‘cool girl who doesn’t care about her clothes’. yeah right. we had fun at church, mostly, i think, because Frenemy SWContinue reading “challenge day”

jazz band

so yeah its a thursday and i finally wore this outfit i have literally had set for 3 months. 2 went fine. i really am becoming good friends with Friend AH. bestie sort of ignores me in that class. she has this whole other group of friends, and I’m a little jealous. i guess iContinue reading “jazz band”