2nd track meet, 1st distance race

So this week was our first home meet (yay!), and also my first distance race EVER (double yay!). I’m totally mature. It went well. I decided to tempo it instead of actually racing, just so I could get the feel of distance. I ran the 800. I’m not going to lie, though, I was prettyContinue reading “2nd track meet, 1st distance race”

water polo over, friends and acquaintances, miserable chinese new year

last week of water polo. i have to say, i’m a little sad, even though i sucked completely and indescribably, i still enjoyed playing. our last away game, i only played like a quarter and a half, even though i played well. *sigh* last home game, we scream-drowned out the other team’s parents. trolololol lastContinue reading “water polo over, friends and acquaintances, miserable chinese new year”

way too much

this is gonna be a long one. once again, i’ve let an insane amount of time go by since my lost post. sorry, future me, but you won’t get a journal of what i’m feeling AT THAT MOMENT, but you WILL at least get a view of my reflections…. alright. break came and went wayContinue reading “way too much”

thanksgiving break finally!

once again, i’ve let myself go like three weeks without posting. but now it’s thanksgiving break (thank god) so i really have no excuse. november 3rd we had a band tournament, where we won 1st in our division (yay!) but stupid frenemy LT was there so i was totally dissed the whole time. it makesContinue reading “thanksgiving break finally!”