social life

well i think my social life has jumpstarted itself! last last weekend (the 21 of april) i saw friend MH, who i have not seen in forever! we went shopping, but didn’t buy anything. it was really fun though. the next week, (the 28 of april), i went to moonlight with MH again and metContinue reading “social life”

friends over break

so i was feeling like a loner after realizing that all my friends weren’t available. but then suddenly i had too many commitments! funny how that works. so on sunday we went to church and i was super hyper and i was in such a good mood. then i went to piano, and i didContinue reading “friends over break”


i woke up today to my friend AD. at 9. in the morning.  my parents were fighting. in front of her! so embarrassing. none of my friends know about my family problems, so i made them leave. we ate, i played piano while she failed at doing nails. then we tried to do a chignonContinue reading “nutcracker”

well, crush v said hi

got up. couldnt stop coughing. its getting worse. i had a great outfit planned: a loose tuxedo jacket, a sheer-ish slip-type tank, and jeans and flats. but i put it on, and i just again didn’t feel like effort. i ended up in an oversized beatles tee shirt and a zip-front hoodie. sneakers. jeans. realContinue reading “well, crush v said hi”

routine bad day

got up, went to school blah blah. yesterday i made this gourmet-ish hummus-carrot-turkey on whole wheat wrap. so that was my lunch got to school, went to first. we had a sub. he literally introduced himself by saying ‘ok, I’m going to be completely honest here. i don’t speak spanish.’ and it just went downhillContinue reading “routine bad day”