IJournals: 41 (8/5)

    I’m on the plane going from TVC to Chicago. But let me back up. This morning was sweet and sad. I walked over to stone early to say goodbye to the piano family. I was quiet and it was sad, but we were al trying to be cheerful and joke around. I leftContinue reading “IJournals: 41 (8/5)”

IJournals: 28 (7/26)

Went to the Bach Seminar again. Then practiced 8-hand, because, surprise! The teacher found another copy. It sounds like crap. We are performing on Thursday. After, Friend ML came to my hut (like usual) and we just hung out. He would occasionally snort at how frustrated I was with my piece. Whatta great friend. IContinue reading “IJournals: 28 (7/26)”

IJournals: 7 (7/5)

I’m making such amazing friends here. It’s going to be a freaking sobbing goodbye. Today, walking back from the bathroom during practicing, I was interrupted by Friend EK. So instead of analyzing Brahms, I wandered around for an hour talking to Friend JW, EK, HF, MR, and ML. Got his number 🙂 By the way,Continue reading “IJournals: 7 (7/5)”