Thousands of Miles Away

You know what I realized? My friends…My true friends, the ones that I trust with my life and my thoughts and my secrets and my dreams….they live thousands and thousands of miles away. Hours of transportation. It’s likely that I will not see them in person for a long time, if ever. About a weekContinue reading “Thousands of Miles Away”

IJournals: 41 (8/5)

    I’m on the plane going from TVC to Chicago. But let me back up. This morning was sweet and sad. I walked over to stone early to say goodbye to the piano family. I was quiet and it was sad, but we were al trying to be cheerful and joke around. I leftContinue reading “IJournals: 41 (8/5)”

IJournals: 39 (8/3)

Today was amazing and emotional and crazy. I obviously didn’t practice. We sat in the library and watched Mulan. My accompanying class got Mofro. I know the teacher was trying to be nice, but I really just wanted to spend time with the piano family before everyone leaves. I had lunch with them, then wentContinue reading “IJournals: 39 (8/3)”

IJournals: 37 (8/2)

Today was sad. I practiced. Then I hung out and had friend JW, J, and JR teach me to improvise on the blues scale. Then I ran to a class because it was pouring. We were taking pictures and saying goodbye because Friend EK is leaving tomorrow. Lunch with the pianist. It was bittersweet. IContinue reading “IJournals: 37 (8/2)”

IJournals: 32 (7/29)

Messed around all morning, and lunch…and afternoon. Friend ML and I listened to pop music and played by ear, until friend SH came and blew us out of the water by instantly playing a piece we had been going at for an hour. Mardy Graw was fun. I was hyper, and I got all theContinue reading “IJournals: 32 (7/29)”

IJournals: 30 (7/28)

Today was eventful. Participated in the color run this morning with friend KD. Practiced 8-hand, and friend ML joined me again. I practiced the piece that I’m not playing for the master class. Because…I don’t really know. I didn’t feel like it. Of course, friend ML, who tried to get me to do what’s goodContinue reading “IJournals: 30 (7/28)”

IJournals: 26 (7/24)

Actually got stuff done on my Moskowski Etude! ‘Rehearsed’ our 8-hand piece, then everyone went to lunch except friend ML and I. He taught me to play be ear and figure out chords to pop songs. He was fun in a calm way. I told him how amazing he was. Because he is. Lunch withContinue reading “IJournals: 26 (7/24)”

IJournals: 24 (7/22)

I had another amazing day! Practiced all morning – actually practiced – and rehearsed with MB for accompanying his college audition. Ate lunch. Almost alone, but Friend BC sat with me. Had a corec with friend JW’s cabin, and then had a unit activity. Both eh. But then we went sailing. It was amazing. IContinue reading “IJournals: 24 (7/22)”

IJournals: 23 (7/21)

Amazingly unproductive day! I got up waaaay before anyone else to get in some extra practice. I found friend DG and JW to sit with. I walked to the s-huts, practiced for about an hour, then walked into friend JW’s hut. This guy SH trips over a stick and I realized it was amazing. SoContinue reading “IJournals: 23 (7/21)”

IJournals: 16 (7/14)

So. I didn’t call my mom for one day. One. And she called the police. Because apparently forgetting to call equals rape and death and/or a kidnapping. Other than that, good, unproductive day. I gave up on doing anything useful and after practicing 40 minutes, I walked out, found friends EK and JW, and neverContinue reading “IJournals: 16 (7/14)”