07/23/17, 12:05am

It was quiet, almost gentle; it was guilty and petty and selfish, self-aware and ashamed, confused and full of clarity all at once: “I didn’t want your expectation.” That’s why I cried. I cried for this relationship but also because it hit so hard for all my other relationships. Friends are my family because IContinue reading “07/23/17, 12:05am”

05/21/17 9:53am, on the plane from DC to Beijing

You keep flipping through photos because What The Heck You’re Kind Of Enjoying This. Here is another photo: it is you and MH on the grass outside your dorm. You think about the half-conversation you had the other day: you asked, Did Your View Of Me Change This Year? and she said, I Suppose ItContinue reading “05/21/17 9:53am, on the plane from DC to Beijing”

a note on what attracts me to people

romantically: people who are remarkable in an above-it-all, chill, easy, intellectual way. I think that’s actually really fucking accurate. an ease, a brain, and, more rationally, a kindness. more generally: people who I perceive to be remarkable in some way; any way really. I think the intellectual and the kindness still apply, and then anContinue reading “a note on what attracts me to people”

a note on HJ

I think plenty of people who have an impression on me pass through my life without my writing about it on here. I thought I’d catch one of those in my net today — HJ is an awesome dude who I’ve always wanted to get to know better, and at the beginning on this semester,Continue reading “a note on HJ”

A list of friendships I am truly hopeful for

AM. The OG homie. The brother. Close to a fault. Simultaneous overdone comfort and borderline conflict. Worried about the roommate situation. YM. International student friend. Click on humor, on interests, and on deep issues. Self-effacing. Genuinely love her company. Possibly a weekly lunch? SF. Complex, interesting, likable, extroverted. I feel insecure in this one, likeContinue reading “A list of friendships I am truly hopeful for”