a quiet walk back in the first snow of the year

there is something about snow that takes me back to last year this time last year, I had WH and JKm and I had this coat and this breath of cold air and these yellow street lights these I still have. there exist those I no longer have but I did not have these white leatherContinue reading “a quiet walk back in the first snow of the year”


On the —- trip – feel somewhat isolated from the group even though the group banter is easy for once. I’ve noticed an isolation of K which I’ve noticed I somewhat participate in – she comes off as whiny and selfish although that may just be her downcast demeanor. It makes me sad that someone’s demeanorContinue reading “9/1”

On the moment my path diverged

Today, we have no choice but to live the questions, because the prospective answers have burgeoned. We no longer expect much sense of the world. Deferring to that incoherence can feel dizzying, and there is an urge to simplify, but simplicity is often a mistake: not pure but reductive. Your work is not opposed toContinue reading “On the moment my path diverged”

JKm and his grandparents

JKm visited this last weekend, and all my old doubts came rushing up again. But the catalyst for thought was really when I met his grandparents. They were amazing. They were retired art history professors, and accordingly, our conversations were complex and interesting and his grandpa wrote poetry and they were just so welcoming yetContinue reading “JKm and his grandparents”

My Mother

My mother and I have never had a good relationship. I think it mostly stems from our differences, and her lack of ability to understand that others are not like her. Emotions cloud her view, her judgement, and her thoughts. I didn’t cook dinner before she got home? It means I don’t love her. Never mindContinue reading “My Mother”

“The Talk” with AYl

I went over to his house to watch a movie last night, and I refused to make out. My little way of testing whether he was just down for the hookup. After the movie, we kissed for a minute or two, before I wound up the guts and cut us short and asked, “Hey…what areContinue reading ““The Talk” with AYl”