Bye WB

After being ignored in public for months, and, actually, from the very beginning, he now no longer texts me or says hi or even acknowledges my existence when *I* greet him, which he did do before. I’m done. And although I really valued his friendship, I do have other friends. I’m also consciously moving on,Continue reading “Bye WB”

Bye, Dad

My dad’s leaving today – I didn’t think I would care, really. For as long as I can remember, I was absolutely stoked about this. And I still am, really. I’m so happy that he’s finally going to be happy. That, I cannot express enough. But it feels so odd. It’s not like the lastContinue reading “Bye, Dad”

2014 Music Camp #17: 7/32

Well, I’m home. But rewind. We met for breakfast, with RH added. Went back to pack. Goodbye to KL. Pack – pictures – (AC’s mom brought her camera). MF didn’t want to be in them for whatever reason. I really wanted a picture with him and me, but for some reason I didn’t…I was scaredContinue reading “2014 Music Camp #17: 7/32”

Foreign Day #14

Anddd…he’s gone 😥 Up early in the morning – he didn’t wake up. Made pizza and walked up to call him down, and he was just standing in his room with random crap on the floor and just so helpless – he couldn’t fit everything into his suitcase. It was beyond adorable. I helped himContinue reading “Foreign Day #14”

IJournals: 41 (8/5)

    I’m on the plane going from TVC to Chicago. But let me back up. This morning was sweet and sad. I walked over to stone early to say goodbye to the piano family. I was quiet and it was sad, but we were al trying to be cheerful and joke around. I leftContinue reading “IJournals: 41 (8/5)”

IJournals: 40 (8/5)

Yesterday was the last full day. The cabin went to Bud’s for breakfast, and we ran straight to the awards ceremony where I got a Fine Arts Award! Then I packed. Friend MK was already crying, and I wasn’t, but when I hit the cabin and saw all the suitcases and everyone packing, I tearedContinue reading “IJournals: 40 (8/5)”

IJournals: 39 (8/3)

Today was amazing and emotional and crazy. I obviously didn’t practice. We sat in the library and watched Mulan. My accompanying class got Mofro. I know the teacher was trying to be nice, but I really just wanted to spend time with the piano family before everyone leaves. I had lunch with them, then wentContinue reading “IJournals: 39 (8/3)”

IJournals: 37 (8/2)

Today was sad. I practiced. Then I hung out and had friend JW, J, and JR teach me to improvise on the blues scale. Then I ran to a class because it was pouring. We were taking pictures and saying goodbye because Friend EK is leaving tomorrow. Lunch with the pianist. It was bittersweet. IContinue reading “IJournals: 37 (8/2)”

SO MUCH school and friends

so it’s been like a month since i posted…. i got back from china a while ago, and i’ve grown really close with everyone and i miss them to death. band camp went by in a blur and i got off my snobby high horse thinking i was way too cool for everyone in bandContinue reading “SO MUCH school and friends”