JKm and his grandparents

JKm visited this last weekend, and all my old doubts came rushing up again. But the catalyst for thought was really when I met his grandparents. They were amazing. They were retired art history professors, and accordingly, our conversations were complex and interesting and his grandpa wrote poetry and they were just so welcoming yetContinue reading “JKm and his grandparents”

Winter break 2012 (2013!) continuedddd

ok, so friday i hung out with friend TG. we made banana bread, but it tasted disgusting. it was still fun, though. on saturday it was my grandma’s birthday, and i wanted it to be perfect. i got up early and made this amaaaaazing quiche and lasagna! but i was so into it i forgotContinue reading “Winter break 2012 (2013!) continuedddd”


i woke up today to my friend AD. at 9. in the morning.  my parents were fighting. in front of her! so embarrassing. none of my friends know about my family problems, so i made them leave. we ate, i played piano while she failed at doing nails. then we tried to do a chignonContinue reading “nutcracker”

nice sat

woke up today with no ambition and laziness galore. i really thought i would do absolutely nothing today. unfortunately, destiny had other plans for me. i got up around 7:30 and ate breakfast. realized i have a piano recital tomorrow (it sort of got drowned out by the competition.) and i practiced piano for aContinue reading “nice sat”