Prom 2014: The rundown

Overall? Prom 2014 was a blast; the night went by way too quickly, and I would do it over again in a second. The rundown: Talked about life, religion, and family on the balcony outside with WB. I had no sense of time. It went by really quickly, but I think it might of beenContinue reading “Prom 2014: The rundown”

Boyz and Parties

So I spelled ‘boys’ with a ‘z’, to emphasize teenage-ness. Yes, there’s a new boy in town. He will be known as PGF/Crush AM, and he is a junior (do I have an older guy problem?). He is in my math class. Thank the stars that my inexperienced teacher finally gave us a seating chart.Continue reading “Boyz and Parties”

bad day yesterday

ok, so i decided to cut some food out from my school lunch. bad idea. you have no idea how horrible i felt yesterday….during track, my head and stomach was pounding and i felt like fainting the entire time. file under NEVER AGAIN. but the rest of the time went well. i did ok onContinue reading “bad day yesterday”