On Growing Up

I think I’m just beginning to realize, this summer, that I have the ability now to do real things. Almost entirely due to my summer projects, which all have very tangible, hopefully lost-lasting and substantial consequences, I’m understanding more and more the privilege of my Ivy league degree and the duty I have to use thatContinue reading “On Growing Up”

Growing Up and Family

Fam left today after a mediocre road trip around my college area. My mother and I had a huge fight after I realized that I regressed every time I talked to her – that’s for another post. The past week consisted of my brother sullenly listening to an audiobook while I dragged my mother all overContinue reading “Growing Up and Family”

The Horror That Comes When You Read Your Old Posts

My goodness. I actually hate my old self. 2011 me? Spoiled, sheltered, petty little freshman girl with no confidence and no empathy. She’s self-centered, and not even in a reflective sort of way – she’s wrapped up in the coming and goings of her mundane, boring everyday life. Like, what I ate for breakfast, and theContinue reading “The Horror That Comes When You Read Your Old Posts”