Friend WB. Again. HAHAHAHAHA.

This was so long ago, but I’ve been swamped with summer. I wrote in his yearbook. I wasn’t even planning on having him write in my yearbook, but my mom requested it, and I kinda wanted it, I guess. His entry was whatever, butĀ I, on the other hand, am blunt. I wrote about how weContinue reading “Friend WB. Again. HAHAHAHAHA.”


AD’s ex. He broke up with girlfriend-after-AD a while ago. Invited me over to sculture for lunch. Sitting there making our pots in amicable silence. He pours out his feelings. He vents. He centers the pot. I sense that he’s invited me over simply to do this. Feeble life advice interspersed with not-feeble wheel advice.Continue reading “ECC”


So I guess I have a date to prom. During band, I didn’t talk to him or anything, but I did see a flute under his chair…I thought maybe he’d been somehow playing the flute part or something off of my section’s music (he sits right behind them). I made a note to ask himContinue reading “Prom!”


JL…another perfect guy.Ā  Never knew him that well, but he joined the composting crew. And yeah. He’s perfect. We spend half our time talking in awful British accents. He carries great conversations – but silence isn’t awkward because we’re both introverts. He’s a genius. He fits in everywhere because he’s half Chinese, half white –Continue reading “JL”

WB – The First Week of Friendship

So I just had a pretty great week. Judging by the title, itā€™s probably not hard to guess why. I made a new friend, I think! I legitimateĀ friend, not acquaintance, not random friendly person, but a friend. And to be completely honest, I can count on one hand how many of those that I have.Continue reading “WB – The First Week of Friendship”


Not business connections. More like relationships. And not likeĀ relationships. Just…relationships. With other people. You know. What was it, last Friday? Yeah. I just talked to everyone. And made eye contact. And really tried to get to know people. And you know, people like that. They open up. Because not many people really get to knowContinue reading “Connections”