well, crush v said hi

got up. couldnt stop coughing. its getting worse. i had a great outfit planned: a loose tuxedo jacket, a sheer-ish slip-type tank, and jeans and flats. but i put it on, and i just again didn’t feel like effort. i ended up in an oversized beatles tee shirt and a zip-front hoodie. sneakers. jeans. realContinue reading “well, crush v said hi”

routine bad day

got up, went to school blah blah. yesterday i made this gourmet-ish hummus-carrot-turkey on whole wheat wrap. so that was my lunch got to school, went to first. we had a sub. he literally introduced himself by saying ‘ok, I’m going to be completely honest here. i don’t speak spanish.’ and it just went downhillContinue reading “routine bad day”


yeah….i don’t think anything really happened got up a bit late, no workout. i didn’t feel like doing my hair or wearing nice clothes and then having it be ruined by the rain and freezing, so i literally threw on two huge oversized sweaters (courtesy of my dad) and brought another just in case. 2ndContinue reading “nothing”

fine 1-3-5

got up, got through half my workout before i was discovered by my mom. took advantage of the rainy weather to finally wear my fabulous burberry knock-off scarf from europe and my blazer and boots. 🙂 ate oatmeal and berries yumyum and off to school i went! got to 1st, talked and passed hilarious notesContinue reading “fine 1-3-5”

another pleasant day 2-4-6

woke up and decided to go back to another go-to outfit of mine: black cardigan (with pushed up sleeves), two scarves (skulls and flowers to lighten it up), white tank,and jeans. hair looked awful but i just left it. did some of my mini workout but my mom woke up and started nagging me. sheContinue reading “another pleasant day 2-4-6”

pleasant 1-3-5

got up did half my mini workout and was sore. not good. this is what i get for ditching it for 4 days straight. i was so tired and just out of it i didn’t bother to try. i fingered brush my hair (although apparently it looked GOOD today???…..) and threw on my go-to outfit:Continue reading “pleasant 1-3-5”

Day 3 of debate

So, as you know, i had a raging awful fever. so i turned off my alarm. there was no way i was getting up at 5:30 to slice bagels with a fever. screw that, so i went at 11:15. yeah i slept in till 10:30. that NEVER HAPPENS TO ME. so i went, talked toContinue reading “Day 3 of debate”

decent boring day

woke up on time, did my mini workout, dressed in a pretty tunic and cuffed my jeans. the tunic was slightly sheer…..but only in the sunlight. went to school, was on time, switched seats in spanish and now I’m next to awesome people plus my friend P! yay after spanish, i looked discreetly for CrushContinue reading “decent boring day”