IJournals: 26 (7/24)

Actually got stuff done on my Moskowski Etude! ‘Rehearsed’ our 8-hand piece, then everyone went to lunch except friend ML and I. He taught me to play be ear and figure out chords to pop songs. He was fun in a calm way. I told him how amazing he was. Because he is. Lunch withContinue reading “IJournals: 26 (7/24)”

Ego Boost

You know how we’re all going around yelling that we don’t care about what others think? It’s total crap. Everybody cares. Everybody cares so much that they wake up, look throw on clothes (any clothes), take showers… I care, no matter how much I try not to, or deny it. Not that I would everContinue reading “Ego Boost”

band, 5k beach, chill

so thats how my weekend has basically gone. friday afternoon the band was shipped off to our city’s baseball game, and we got to play the star spangled banner! that was pretty fun. i got to see some of the band people i’d like to get to know better. i was hanging out with someContinue reading “band, 5k beach, chill”


i’ve been so tired lately and just so sluggish. i think its partly beasue of the whole waiting list thing. so i had 1-3-5 today. spanish went ok, as did band. lunch went decent as well, and 5th i actually fell asleep. then i realized later that there was a mark from the fabric ofContinue reading “regular”

1st surprisingly fun day of debate tournament

so the weekend that i have bend dreading has come. quick run through of school: woke up on time, mini workout check, for check, 4 sandwiches check. spanish boring and my friend goofing off all hyper while i practically slept drooling on my desk. she walked with her soccer friends so i sort of straddledContinue reading “1st surprisingly fun day of debate tournament”