Simple ways to be happy and sad

Had an objectively awesome day today, with plenty of introvert time with an interesting book that I’m proud to read, and plenty of stupid fun group time, and a satisfying heart to heart, and alone singing time with more reading. And then I decided to look at Snapchat stories, and browse Facebook, and stalk friendsContinue reading “Simple ways to be happy and sad”

Arbitrary Good Day

Just a particularly good day. A pleasant surprise of a late start for school. So, delicious breakfast of squash and some Jane Eyre, as well as a solid page or so of the concerto. Just tons of energy at school, with people and whatnot. Greeting and jabbering to everyone; I couldn’t help it. JL gaveContinue reading “Arbitrary Good Day”

Bye, Dad

My dad’s leaving today – I didn’t think I would care, really. For as long as I can remember, I was absolutely stoked about this. And I still am, really. I’m so happy that he’s finally going to be happy. That, I cannot express enough. But it feels so odd. It’s not like the lastContinue reading “Bye, Dad”

well, crush v said hi

got up. couldnt stop coughing. its getting worse. i had a great outfit planned: a loose tuxedo jacket, a sheer-ish slip-type tank, and jeans and flats. but i put it on, and i just again didn’t feel like effort. i ended up in an oversized beatles tee shirt and a zip-front hoodie. sneakers. jeans. realContinue reading “well, crush v said hi”