thanksgiving break continues and wisdom teeth (!!!!)

on sunday things were uneventful other than friend EMC and i are definitely not really ever going to be more than casual friends. i just can’t trust her; she’s bipolar and all over the place and doesn’t care about me, and honestly, i just can’t compete. i’m not going to go out of my wayContinue reading “thanksgiving break continues and wisdom teeth (!!!!)”

bad day yesterday

ok, so i decided to cut some food out from my school lunch. bad idea. you have no idea how horrible i felt yesterday….during track, my head and stomach was pounding and i felt like fainting the entire time. file under NEVER AGAIN. but the rest of the time went well. i did ok onContinue reading “bad day yesterday”

horrible, awful, day

alright. super tired because i stayed up late last night literally making sandwiches for this weekend. i used up a whole loaf of bread. late start. woke up early. played piano for an hour. went to school. 2nd period, friend S seemed down and oddly quiet. tried to cheer her up by making her laughContinue reading “horrible, awful, day”