So like two posts ago I’m talking about how breezy school is. And here I am, eating my freakin’ words. I. Am. Stressed. I have a math test on Tuesday that I debating over whether to try to study or just accept the F. I have an English project due on Wednesday with a hopelessContinue reading “Stress”

Track League Finals

Sooo Track league finals were last Friday, and I was just so swamped I didn’t post about it! Overall, it was a great experience, but obviously I barely made the cut anyway, so it was a surprise when I didn’t come near placing or anything. 100m hurdles I got 7th out of 8, and didn’tContinue reading “Track League Finals”

League Prelims!

We had league prelims today! I wasn’t really nervous at all, since I had already seen their times and accepted the fact that I wasn’t going to advance on to finals. Also, since it’s the top 2 of each heat and then the next 3 best times, and I was in friend CM’s and NB’sContinue reading “League Prelims!”


It’s like the world was lifted off my shoulders, the world opening up into a cacophony of bliss whirling around my upturned, smiling face as the incandescent light shined….just kidding. I don’t feel that much different. I am in a great mood, though. The day started out dreary and rainy. I took that as anContinue reading “AP CHEM DONE”

Track Drama and Life Lessons

Alrighty. Here’s another episode in ‘Track Drama’. So here’s what happened. Remember my ‘unbeatable time’? Yeah….they beat it. It’s because they got to go to an invitational meet that I really should have gone to, and the conditions were really good, and they both PRed. MW matched my time. Exactly. EXACTLY, down to the hundredthsContinue reading “Track Drama and Life Lessons”


So I had a meet on Thursday. Got so close to sub-17 I could taste it last meet, so I was absolutely determined this time. I wanted to prove so bad to Coach F that I was varsity league material. I was #4, after all, and top 4 are varsity! And ya know what? IContinue reading “Track – BOOM! IN YO FACE”

Track Update

Track. Oh track. My shin splints are fine now, but the second I start to¬†slightly do anything resembling a jog,¬†they scream at me to stop and I oblige. Therefore, I suck at practice. And therefore, I’ve been moved back down to JV. But at the meet, I hit 18.04, which is a personal best forContinue reading “Track Update”

Swimming Along

Nothing really eventful. Life has been good the past week. In summary, I feel like I’m a nicer person and a more likable person than last year. Guy MG in 4th is hot. He taught me to tie my shoes with one hand. Really, last year, I would have been so intimidated and terrified toContinue reading “Swimming Along”

2nd track meet, 1st distance race

So this week was our first home meet (yay!), and also my first distance race EVER (double yay!). I’m totally mature. It went well. I decided to tempo it instead of actually racing, just so I could get the feel of distance. I ran the 800. I’m not going to lie, though, I was prettyContinue reading “2nd track meet, 1st distance race”

driver’s ed, piano continues (after all), and track disappointments

*sigh* So you know that whole starting anew to a new phase of piano? Yeah, it didn’t happen. I’m not a person who likes to change, and I guess after 9 years of piano lessons I just don’t yet know how to let go. So I’m still going. I think I’m going to play atContinue reading “driver’s ed, piano continues (after all), and track disappointments”