JW and my Music Tech Prof

JW. Remember him? Awesome guy, my Yoji bear, made hilarious faces, gives great hugs. His voice. Well, man, when I met my Music Tech Professor, I gotta say: I really liked him. You know when you get that feeling? Like, this dude is awesome. Today, I was sitting in class, and he pulled this funny jokeContinue reading “JW and my Music Tech Prof”

College Visits Day #8: Pittsburgh 4/12/14

Today was amazing and awful at the same time. We left my mom’s friend’s house early to catch my lesson at CMU with the professor. IT WAS AMAZING. Man. She’s this old, slightly pruney old lady – I was a little worried, because she’s asian, and my last asian teacher was terrible, but I wasContinue reading “College Visits Day #8: Pittsburgh 4/12/14”

Perfect Day

Can I just take a moment to acknowledge what a great day I just had? It wasn’t a special day. It was really quite average.  But it was such a good day. 1. It was productive. I got up early, did homework, finished it. Practiced piano and got a whole solid half page of aContinue reading “Perfect Day”

Thousands of Miles Away

You know what I realized? My friends…My true friends, the ones that I trust with my life and my thoughts and my secrets and my dreams….they live thousands and thousands of miles away. Hours of transportation. It’s likely that I will not see them in person for a long time, if ever. About a weekContinue reading “Thousands of Miles Away”

Meanwhile, piano…

Ok. So Interlochen. I’m obsessed with piano. Not even joking. I have not hung out with anyone. I came back, people invited me over, and I said no.  Because I wanted to practice piano. What just happened? I didn’t even realize it until two weeks went by and I had hung out one time. And thatContinue reading “Meanwhile, piano…”

…I’m different.

Really. I am. I don’t feel the need to wear makeup. It’s really not bad. And if they don’t like me because of it, then why would I want to talk to them anyway? It’s almost a good thing. I get to weed out the people who don’t care. I’ve gotten over this caring aboutContinue reading “…I’m different.”

Friend ML

I honestly don’t know how I didn’t see this coming. Reading through all my ‘IJournals’….um, it was obvious. But here’s my defense. Friend ML is nice to everyone. And he does random acts of kindness for everyone. And he sort of didn’t do that for me. Like, he wouldn’t hug me at random times although everyone else did. ButContinue reading “Friend ML”

IJournals: 42 (8/6)

So I’m not actually writing this in the airport, but I just wanted to record it. My plane had a freaking 8 hour layover. It was only supposed to be 3. I sat a in dark corner of the airport and just called people. I called friend SH first, and he was so cute andContinue reading “IJournals: 42 (8/6)”

Friend ML

Everything’s so messed up. I’m back from camp. Literally the night of the day I get back…Friend ML chats me. We are talking and stuff because I love this guy. He’s amazing and sweet and honestly the best person I’ve ever met. And I’m stoked to have him as a close friend even though we live onContinue reading “Friend ML”