on a very personal experience of race and class

Today, for the first time in a long time, I felt truly incompetent. And I’m slowly coming to realize how much of this incompetency — and it’s real, this divide, this game of catch-up that I will never win — comes because of socioeconomic status, class, sociopolitical history. It’s not racial. It was never aboutContinue reading “on a very personal experience of race and class”

2014 Music Camp #7: 7/21

Today was so great. Back to back masterclasses. Chamber coaching. At lunch, he told me that I’d played a beautiful private lesson. More masterclasses until dinner, then the piano faculty concert. AND THEN they just gave a talk of just everything. Which was everything I could possibly hope for. AND THEN I talked to JCContinue reading “2014 Music Camp #7: 7/21”