I was outside, near a fence. I Saw JlKm, with her friends, but spectacularly ugly. We ended up walking together up towards JKm’s house – I was wearing my tribal print dress, and she was wearing heels, and I have this image of my strides overtaking her stunted ones. We walk into the house, andContinue reading “Dream”

JW and my Music Tech Prof

JW. Remember him? Awesome guy, my Yoji bear, made hilarious faces, gives great hugs. His voice. Well, man, when I met my Music Tech Professor, I gotta say: I really liked him. You know when you get that feeling? Like, this dude is¬†awesome. Today, I was sitting in class, and he pulled this funny jokeContinue reading “JW and my Music Tech Prof”

president’s day skiing!

well last friday i went skiing! my family was gonna go, but my mom couldn’t and our friends had one spot in their car so i hitched a ride with them. my brothers didn’t go.. but it was really fun. i woke up at like 4:30, got ready, then waited for an hour because theyContinue reading “president’s day skiing!”