journal #11, 1/2/17

1/2/17, 9:26pm, lying in the dark in my sleeping bag on k–‘s floor in o—– a few thoughts that have been in my head today, and wonderfully solidified by a long conversation with ken, but first: WB. what do I do with this kid? I have a crush on him, and not just superficially —Continue reading “journal #11, 1/2/17”


On the —-¬†trip – feel somewhat isolated from the group even though the group banter is easy for once. I’ve noticed an isolation of K which I’ve noticed I somewhat participate in – she comes off as whiny and selfish although that may just be her downcast demeanor. It makes me sad that someone’s demeanorContinue reading “9/1”

busy busy new year

well i kicked off the new year with a super busy schedule. good or bad? on saturday, i was texting my friend JC and we decided to countdown together. so i did stuff until around 7, when i went to her house. right off i could see that it wasn’t really gonna be wild orContinue reading “busy busy new year”

a happy christmas

well the day started out fine. i got up nice and late, ate granola, berries, and almond milk ( yum). got on the mac and downloaded like 40 songs haha. i get sort of carried away. then we started cleaning and stuff for the little get-together we had tonight. i sliced a ton of potatoesContinue reading “a happy christmas”

christmas eve baking

so i got up and did business, like piano and all that. slept in, actually, so i didn’t do much. i was all ready to go to my friend KW’s house, but then my mom decides that i have to vacumn AND mop, so i get stuck washing the gross mop that no one elseContinue reading “christmas eve baking”

last minute christmas shopping with bros

well merry christmassss to myself! ¬†(and, of course, anyone else reading this) so friday i WAS going to do nothing, make christmas cards, etc. i got up early to run, came back to drop off my hoodie, and got caught by my grandma and my mom. apparently 55 degrees is too cold for running, andContinue reading “last minute christmas shopping with bros”

surprise party

so when i got home, i just chilled and stuff. then my day was ruined by my mom having an insane fever in which she comes to me and tells me to go get the computer from my brother. i go get it. he wants to finish his round. my mom freaks out, storms inContinue reading “surprise party”

nice sat

woke up today with no ambition and laziness galore. i really thought i would do absolutely nothing today. unfortunately, destiny had other plans for me. i got up around 7:30 and ate breakfast. realized i have a piano recital tomorrow (it sort of got drowned out by the competition.) and i practiced piano for aContinue reading “nice sat”


i had a horrible day yesterday. so i woke up early to pick up my friend and go to perform with the band at the reopening of some store. so i go and play for about 20 minutes. super lame. later we go home, and i chill for like half an hour until my soccerContinue reading “AWFUL”