Field Notes from a Jewish Birthday Party

CaseworkerDoesn’t get attached to her cases because she knows she wouldn’t last Do what you can to make one family’s life better in that moment, and then move on to the next Hard to feel sympathy for the parents – again, won’t last Learned from the kids Loves it Burns out Prosciutto Baguette Quinoa FrittataContinue reading “Field Notes from a Jewish Birthday Party”

Camp Counselor-ing – The Asian Trio

The first day was so awful. I wanted to curl up and cry in the corner, like one of the kids. Scratch that, two of the kids. Maybe three. I must admit, I pick favorites. The three Japanese, non-English speaking kids. MK is the (semi) responsible older sister – she’s 8. She’s intelligent – sheContinue reading “Camp Counselor-ing – The Asian Trio”

Winter break 2012 (2013!) continuedddd

ok, so friday i hung out with friend TG. we made banana bread, but it tasted disgusting. it was still fun, though. on saturday it was my grandma’s birthday, and i wanted it to be perfect. i got up early and made this amaaaaazing quiche and lasagna! but i was so into it i forgotContinue reading “Winter break 2012 (2013!) continuedddd”

whats happening? a lot…

i had a decent on the bad side week. For starters, I just realized how few friends i have in my classes and in general at school. one in 1st. 2 actual friends in 2nd. none in 3rd. two actual in 4th (and one is a repeat!). none in 5th. none in 6th. Impressive, huh?Continue reading “whats happening? a lot…”