Transplanted JKm

The awkward airport as I go for the kiss and he goes for the hug. I care for you so, so much, and I want you to be happy. Me on top. Kisses from his forehead, down his nose, on each closed eye, and finally to the lips. Playing with his ear in the car,Continue reading “Transplanted JKm”

Ambiguous Milestones

A first boyfriend. That’s a milestone, right? But it’s funny, because although JKm is sort of my first boyfriend, I’m not sure. And now that I think about it, it’s not even entirely because of AYl. Yes, AYl was my first kiss, and the first relationship I had that I defined as a ‘thing’. ButContinue reading “Ambiguous Milestones”


I HOOKED UP WITH AYl. I spent the entire evening sending signals from every pore in my body, to counteract the friendzoning I’d mistakenly put out into the world. Man, did I throw myself at him. “Hanging out with you is definitely my first choice.” Biting my lip and smiling for HOURS. While stargazing: “WasContinue reading “I HOOKED UP WITH AYl”