Can I just talk about last night? And ignore how shallow I am? Volunteered at an event. I got there, caught the eye of this cute guy, but kept going to check in. And you know what? He was my volunteer partner. Well, yay 🙂 Let’s call him LA. He was so easy to talk toContinue reading “LA, KD, PJ”

let summer begin!!!

So much has happened! Life is going so nice right now. Of course, theres the fact that it’s summer! SUMMERRRRRRRR I have been working out and running in the mountains behind my house on these great trails. I’m working up to running for an hour straight, then improving my speed. The last week of schoolContinue reading “let summer begin!!!”

spring break and week after

So im actually on spring break, on a road trip. I haven’t had any time to post before, so here I am. Quick overview (probably not, itll be super long, just watch) Saturday was triton’s day (for UCSD, for my brother) so I just went too. There was an insane amount of traffic…once we wereContinue reading “spring break and week after”