College Visits Day #2: Nashville 4/6/14

Woke up late (frustratingly…I heard my alarm go off and ignored it) around 9am. Aka 7am – when I always automatically wake up. Thank god for that, too, or I would have missed my lesson. Rushed to Blair to meet the professor (after a pitiful breakfast). The lesson went well…we talked about degree options, thenContinue reading “College Visits Day #2: Nashville 4/6/14”

track tryouts, music revelations

president’s day weekend was just a blur of piano. tuesday came. i felt pretty energized until friday, but hey, i’m on my period. it’s pretty impressive that i felt weirdly good on tuesday and wednesday… thus day just got bad, though. a slight cough on wednesday turned into bronchitis on thursday, and i now haveContinue reading “track tryouts, music revelations”

piano and life in general

piano is going ok. last week i got a really good commentary from teacher, tons of improvement. this week, though, it sucked. she hit me hard. i’ve only got a month left until the test, and this is what i’ve been working towards from the very beginning. which is why water polo was a bigContinue reading “piano and life in general”