a few profiles for the trip

k– 1: exceedingly like SS in his external, no nonsense, hyper self-assurance and rugged, blunt approach and focus on people. I really can’t describe it. k– 2: generous, gregarious, open, playful, relaxed, content; his lifestyle and self-assuredness in that lifestyle struck me; he was very much a man living outside the expectations of being unhappyContinue reading “a few profiles for the trip”

Camp Counselor-ing – The Asian Trio

The first day was so awful. I wanted to curl up and cry in the corner, like one of the kids. Scratch that, two of the kids. Maybe three. I must admit, I pick favorites. The three Japanese, non-English speaking kids. MK is the (semi) responsible older sister – she’s 8. She’s intelligent – sheContinue reading “Camp Counselor-ing – The Asian Trio”