On Crying at Movies

I’d thought that crying at movies was overly emotional, a transparent grasp for attention, reserved for people like (gasp) my mom. But in the onslaught of movies I’ve thrown myself into the past few weeks in project Expand My Worldview and Become More Cultured And Interesting, I’ve cried at every single one. Why? I’ve realizedContinue reading “On Crying at Movies”

WB, Me, and Foreign

So…today I went to the movies with WB. And Foreign tagged along. I had a little panic when I realized the tickets were sold out (WB had an extra ticket for me, but Foreign had to buy one.) WB was all for ditching the movie and just hanging out, but when we went to giveContinue reading “WB, Me, and Foreign”

old friends, and bad days (what?)

so break is here, and it’s rolling. you have no idea how freaking relieved i was! all that sleep deprivation and stress was really catching up with me… on saturday, we went to visit friend SJT! yes, the friend SJT from our china summer camp, the one my brother is best friends with. i amContinue reading “old friends, and bad days (what?)”

church girls sleepover

…it was pretty fun. before from piano i went to go shopping with my mom. i bought new PJ pants at gap for like 6 bucks. i don’t enjoy shopping with my mom so much anymore, because she is so set on spending all the money she makes. i am set on saving money soContinue reading “church girls sleepover”

parents fighting

i woke up this morning to the sound of my dad trying to get my mom to sign some document for our lawyer. and that progressed into a screaming, accusing fight, in which my dad says that she is always harassing him by not signing these documents right. i don’t know, but isn’t it ironicContinue reading “parents fighting”