5/6/16, 12:51pm

5/6/16, 12:51pm, notes on iPhone I dropped music because I thought it was mind numbing and avoided the real world. But real music should engage with and critique the real world, just as music critiques critique the music itself. Music with countermelodies in each stereo earphone Music made specifically to capitalize on stereo headphones But thatContinue reading “5/6/16, 12:51pm”

tldr; music is 3d

currently: music sounds really, really good still; lights have a larger glow than normal, and things pulsate gently if I really focus on them a (not so) quick rundown of today: an odd feeling of a need to stretch in the chest, a slight dizziness the bathroom lock pulsating, then the ceiling pulsating, then theContinue reading “tldr; music is 3d”

that bon iver part at the end

I’m sure we’re taller in another dimension You say we’re small and not worth the mention You’re tired of movin’, your body’s achin’ We could vaca, there’s places to go Clearly this isn’t all that there is Can’t take what’s been given But we’re so okay here, we’re doing fine Primal and naked You dreamContinue reading “that bon iver part at the end”

On the moment my path diverged

Today, we have no choice but to live the questions, because the prospective answers have burgeoned. We no longer expect much sense of the world. Deferring to that incoherence can feel dizzying, and there is an urge to simplify, but simplicity is often a mistake: not pure but reductive. Your work is not opposed toContinue reading “On the moment my path diverged”

Barcarolle No. 3, Ned Rorem

I almost forgot the feeling of flowing rhythm unstoppable a river, a pendulum steady, steady, regular, regulated a flow of inflections, emotions and yet nuanced and yet exuberant belting, whispering, voice cracking trumpet fracking string ringing flinging arms out sticks the landing hands up, out of the flow