on the flight to China 06/21/17, iPhone notes

a middle aged asian man is doing walking leg exercises in the airplane aisle and you think about what you and melody decided on that defined the attitude or china: a stubborn disregard for shit. a blatant inability to feel embarrassment in publc places. they’re doing it right, really, you think.

03/18/2017 at 12:37pm, iPhone notes

“when I came to college, all I found was more workhorses who are doing what their parents want.” this is a sentiment widely shared by AM and his friends, and I have such a problem with it. is this not a satirically privileged statement to make? first: how can anyone make that judgement on anotherContinue reading “03/18/2017 at 12:37pm, iPhone notes”

11/11/16, 7:49pm

11/11/16, 7:49pm, notes on iPhone the risk of tolerance: feminist killjoys, the creative humanities, and the belligerent university academic administration as a topic of scholarly research tolerance as acceptance vs tolerance as looking away and letting things happen [but at the root of the distinction between these two tolerances is a fundamental belief that oneContinue reading “11/11/16, 7:49pm”

12/3/16, 3:38pm

12/3/16, 3:38pm, notes on iPhone contingency and determination in the formation of sexuality materialism is the claim that thought is nothing more than the continuation of the production of the world (shelly, hegel, merleau-ponty, etc); idealist? butler: religion is not a concept, it’s embodied practices; different than liberalism or gender tension between philosophy and religionContinue reading “12/3/16, 3:38pm”

10/28/16, 1:26pm

10/28/16, 1:26pm, notes on iPhone ephemeral nature of gestures removal of the body by technology and yet utter involvement of the body slide to unlock patent as declaring ownership of an abstract concept “led lamp gesture control” “system method and product for capturing memories” “analyzing micromovements of hand as identifying individual” natural user interface –Continue reading “10/28/16, 1:26pm”

10/15/16, 9:00pm

10/15/16, 9:00pm, notes on iPhone virginia woolf I keep hitting new stages of highness – literally hitting. It comes in like a bat hitting a ball; a slap on the side of a face and – momentary – heightened, if ephemeral, sense of disorientation. my moods varying exactly with the weight of my head :Continue reading “10/15/16, 9:00pm”