2014 Music Camp #17: 7/32

Well, I’m home. But rewind. We met for breakfast, with RH added. Went back to pack. Goodbye to KL. Pack – pictures – (AC’s mom brought her camera). MF didn’t want to be in them for whatever reason. I really wanted a picture with him and me, but for some reason I didn’t…I was scaredContinue reading “2014 Music Camp #17: 7/32”

Foreign Day #14

Anddd…he’s gone 😥 Up early in the morning – he didn’t wake up. Made pizza and walked up to call him down, and he was just standing in his room with random crap on the floor and just so helpless – he couldn’t fit everything into his suitcase. It was beyond adorable. I helped himContinue reading “Foreign Day #14”

IJournals: 40 (8/5)

Yesterday was the last full day. The cabin went to Bud’s for breakfast, and we ran straight to the awards ceremony where I got a Fine Arts Award! Then I packed. Friend MK was already crying, and I wasn’t, but when I hit the cabin and saw all the suitcases and everyone packing, I tearedContinue reading “IJournals: 40 (8/5)”

crazy busy summer

basically i’ve been enjoying my first ever real summer with nothing to do….truly the lazy days. on tuesday, i hung out with my friends TG and PS. we walked to subway, pigged out, walked back, had nothing to do, fried an apple from her garden, ate trail mix, attacked each other, then hung out inContinue reading “crazy busy summer”