Panel is over. Completely.

Utterly, literally, finally, and a million other ‘-ly’s. You know how it went down? I fell out of bed at 5 AM to shut the blaring alarm off. I was instantly awake. I practiced piano for an hour and a half, then off to the audition. We where hopelessly lost until a policeman took pityContinue reading “Panel is over. Completely.”


AHHHHHHHeijroefw’kpadl[s’bjkzfvscla;fjnxz.b,V>CKNSZX<> I normally hate keyboard smashing. But this deserved a good keyboard smashing.  I. Passed. Panel. I PASSED PANEL! dfsabjklvhdank;cmz ,s:Kcmslakdwaf;hbdkz Zcxk,.kghlu;abfsjçµ≈  It needed another one. Ok. Calming down, I passed the regional panel auditions. Now I go on to final panel auditions, which is statewide and in which you can get to 3 categories, orContinue reading “PANEL”