so I went to a party

somewhat reluctantly, but I wanted to get drunk and feel social. So I went. Humidity seeping into our pores; sweat dripping off our chins as flirted and twirled. Drinking games and balls in cups and the first waves of that lovely tipsy glow. Careless dancing, careless hugs and careless conversations about things more than nothing withContinue reading “so I went to a party”


I was outside, near a fence. I Saw JlKm, with her friends, but spectacularly ugly. We ended up walking together up towards JKm’s house – I was wearing my tribal print dress, and she was wearing heels, and I have this image of my strides overtaking her stunted ones. We walk into the house, andContinue reading “Dream”

Getting led on by JS

I was never emotionally obsessed with JS, like I should be with crushes, so I guess this is a good thing. JS and I had a date-ish-thing, and then we kept up cutesy texting for a solid week. Kept asking each other to make plans, and it was genuine, at least on my part, andContinue reading “Getting led on by JS”

Snapshots from Prom 2015

Dancing by/with my date YM in a platonic but insanely fun way. WB charging the mosh pit at the beat drop, his eyes sparkling in an almost drunk way. Sleeping on the ride back curled up against my date, his hand stroking my back and neck. “Where’s the wine?! She wants the wine! FIND THEContinue reading “Snapshots from Prom 2015”

On my social life

Now, by the look of my recent-ish posts, one might think that I’ve become skilled in social interactions. I haven’t. I really haven’t. I spent the entire week recording myself on the piano for audition tapes, writing essays, and procrastinating. My only interactions were a random run on Saturday with MH and MB, a hikeContinue reading “On my social life”

Friend WB

It’s been a really long time since I’ve posted. But I’m going to zero in on WB, because it’s late, and I’m tired, and I just want to get this down on paper (or on whatever blogspace).  So…WB. He’s perfect. I’ve told other people that, I’ve told myself that, and most recently I’ve told himContinue reading “Friend WB”

Pianistic Opportunities

So yesterday I played background music. As guests walked in the door. At a freakin’ multi-million-worth house on the top of a cliff that overlooked the sea and basically the entire area for miles in every direction. The 60 or so seats were sprinkled around beautifully set tables with roses gracing the cloth… The mayorContinue reading “Pianistic Opportunities”

Boyz and Parties

So I spelled ‘boys’ with a ‘z’, to emphasize teenage-ness. Yes, there’s a new boy in town. He will be known as PGF/Crush AM, and he is a junior (do I have an older guy problem?). He is in my math class. Thank the stars that my inexperienced teacher finally gave us a seating chart.Continue reading “Boyz and Parties”