Meanwhile, piano…

Ok. So Interlochen. I’m obsessed with piano. Not even joking. I have not hung out with anyone. I came back, people invited me over, and I said no.  Because I wanted to practice piano. What just happened? I didn’t even realize it until two weeks went by and I had hung out one time. And thatContinue reading “Meanwhile, piano…”

IJournals: 15 (7/13)

Good day! Again. Didn’t practice much this morning, because I went to friend AM’s chamber convert, then accompanying class. Honestly, I don’t practice much in the mornings because I sit in s7 and just hang out with the pianists. It’s great. Lunch with AM, RJ, a percussion guy and the other percussion people. I learnedContinue reading “IJournals: 15 (7/13)”