2014 Music Camp #15: 7/29

MUCH better than yesterday. Period is almost over. Light at the end of the tunnel. I had my chamber concert – we sounded small, but oh well. MF page turned. Lunch – lesson (last one). MF almost convinced me to practice, but I’m just…done. I caught AC and we talked until the masterclass – gotContinue reading “2014 Music Camp #15: 7/29”

The Stream of Consciousness of a Performing Pianist

I used to think that only I got nervous for performances, for public speaking, for…well, really, anything public.  And memorized. But, after Interlochen, after hearing pretty much everyone admitted to stage fright (including my teacher, who is a world-class performer and phd of Juilliard…she had a particularly horrifying live-performance horror story), and watching some amazingly talented friends screw up, IContinue reading “The Stream of Consciousness of a Performing Pianist”

IJournals: 35 (8/1)

Camp is winding down, and everyone is feeling it. We practiced 8-hand. Then I visited friend JW’s hut, where I decided right there that I was going to learn his piece. It’s beautiful. BEAUTIFUL. So I did that. Then I walked to ensemble with friend ML, where the teacher told us that we were good.Continue reading “IJournals: 35 (8/1)”

IJournals: 29 (7/27)

Nothing really happened this morning. We rehearsed the 8-hand until we keyboard smashed our heads to death and gave up. I went to seminar because friend MR pulled me with him. Friend ML sat in my hut again, and then mailed my letter to friend ERC! He’s a freaking amazing person who I wish IContinue reading “IJournals: 29 (7/27)”

Panel is over. Completely.

Utterly, literally, finally, and a million other ‘-ly’s. You know how it went down? I fell out of bed at 5 AM to shut the blaring alarm off. I was instantly awake. I practiced piano for an hour and a half, then off to the audition. We where hopelessly lost until a policeman took pityContinue reading “Panel is over. Completely.”

piano and life in general

piano is going ok. last week i got a really good commentary from teacher, tons of improvement. this week, though, it sucked. she hit me hard. i’ve only got a month left until the test, and this is what i’ve been working towards from the very beginning. which is why water polo was a bigContinue reading “piano and life in general”



busy busy weekend for me!

i went friday night to church, which was fun. on saturday we got up bright and early, drove up and watched my cousin CJ graduate from her ridiculously expensive boarding school! it was long. and….long. it was really nice though. we took so many pictures me and CJ were joking about our mouths twitching…

and guess what? i saw SNK C there! surprise, huh? didn’t say anything to him, and i don’t think he noticed me.

my uncle kept commented on what a ‘lovely young lady i’m growing up to be.’ how skinny i was. my aunt thinks i should be a model/actress and keeps on hounding me about it. whhhaaat??? apparently, in their world, the only thing you need to be an actor is a pretty face and decent body. again, whhhaaattt? hahaha

we hung out in her dorm, then we went to their hotel and hung out there. then we went out to dinner. we ate food.

its nice because before i was always the annoying little tag-along, but now i can see i’m not.

got home super late and dragged myself up to bed and fell right asleep. i always do.

on sunday i skipped church and practiced piano/started my essay final. fun fun.

the recital was way too long, but i got to see friend MC! we sat next to each other and caught up and it was like we were never apart….i miss her.

i went straight to my friend’s house to go to the band banquet. it was friend EMC, JS, and KM. i allowed them to do my makeup. they managed to cake on an illegal amount of eyeliner to form a flicked out-corner thing, then stuck a bow in my hair. A BOW. i barely deem to brush my hair on good days…oh well. i looked girly.

got to the banquet, and i absolutely hate LT. she sucks. here’s the run down. she’s going to be a junior, and I’m going to be a sophomore. she is loud, obnoxious, and mean spirited…but only to me. i don’t know what i did, in fact i was extremely nice to her, like i listened to her problems and hung out with her and everything, but she hates my guts. she is unnecessarily rude to me and puts me down at literally every opportunity. she is well-liked by everyone else, and i have learned to ignore it, and honestly by itself i honestly don’t give a crap about her or what she thinks of me, except i spend a lot of time in band and she is just there. she is impossible to avoid because she is going to be section leader next year. i know it affects the way others in band treat me just because of how popular she is…..ughhhhhh

and everyone is bipolar and two-faced. like friend (friend? idk about that..) AF. today, she was super nice. she went to me and was like, before i graduate i need to let you know that you don’t know this but you are extremely pretty. nice right? confidence booster? well the other day she said, ‘you are like a stupider version of me when i was a freshman.’ thanks.

whatever haters. check out the link i’ve posted, though. i’ve got it bookmarked now. 

and today was great. in spanish, me and friend PS were texting this kid pretending to be a gay guy who was in love with the kid, and then we took a picture of PGF K looking creepy and sent it to him. poor kid is so gullible.

we switched seats in math and instead of working i chatted with the awesome people at my table, PGF J and this tall weird junior and unfortunately the albino kid i hate. plus some of the girls in that class talk to me now after i started forcing myself to be friendly.

so yeah. 9 more days of school! countdown begin!


i woke up today to my friend AD. at 9. in the morning.  my parents were fighting. in front of her! so embarrassing. none of my friends know about my family problems, so i made them leave. we ate, i played piano while she failed at doing nails. then we tried to do a chignonContinue reading “nutcracker”


i had a horrible day yesterday. so i woke up early to pick up my friend and go to perform with the band at the reopening of some store. so i go and play for about 20 minutes. super lame. later we go home, and i chill for like half an hour until my soccerContinue reading “AWFUL”