11/11/16, 7:49pm

11/11/16, 7:49pm, notes on iPhone the risk of tolerance: feminist killjoys, the creative humanities, and the belligerent university academic administration as a topic of scholarly research tolerance as acceptance vs tolerance as looking away and letting things happen [but at the root of the distinction between these two tolerances is a fundamental belief that oneContinue reading “11/11/16, 7:49pm”

12/3/16, 3:38pm

12/3/16, 3:38pm, notes on iPhone contingency and determination in the formation of sexuality materialism is the claim that thought is nothing more than the continuation of the production of the world (shelly, hegel, merleau-ponty, etc); idealist? butler: religion is not a concept, it’s embodied practices; different than liberalism or gender tension between philosophy and religionContinue reading “12/3/16, 3:38pm”

10/28/16, 1:26pm

10/28/16, 1:26pm, notes on iPhone ephemeral nature of gestures removal of the body by technology and yet utter involvement of the body slide to unlock patent as declaring ownership of an abstract concept “led lamp gesture control” “system method and product for capturing memories” “analyzing micromovements of hand as identifying individual” natural user interface –Continue reading “10/28/16, 1:26pm”

12/23/16, 9:23pm, unknown context

I find myself, in trying to have empathy for other larger things, being cynical of other “smaller” struggles. For example, the Boston Marathon bombing — that’s a legitimate tragedy. And while it’s nowhere near the mass scale of what’s happening in Syria, or Sudan, that doesn’t make the pain from this American loss any lessContinue reading “12/23/16, 9:23pm, unknown context”

journal #11, 1/2/17

1/2/17, 9:26pm, lying in the dark in my sleeping bag on k–‘s floor in o—– a few thoughts that have been in my head today, and wonderfully solidified by a long conversation with ken, but first: WB. what do I do with this kid? I have a crush on him, and not just superficially —Continue reading “journal #11, 1/2/17”

a quick recounting of a putting into words of a concept I’ve always known

my utter belief in postmodern and morally relative concepts has prevented me from (or, perhaps, allowed to me to disguise laziness as justification of not) forming an intellectual framework / identity my friend got it slightly incorrect – said that nihilism destroys meaning and so I felt no need to search for meaning

On Metamodernism

From this article: Of course when we reconstruct things, we acknowledge that they once were in pieces, so metamodernism certainly acknowledges postmodernism in this way. And of course when we reconstruct things, we acknowledge that all reconstructions of something we idealize (for instance, our culture or our “better selves”) are going to be imperfect, indeedContinue reading “On Metamodernism”

Just a note from a while ago

4/6/16, 12:33am The universe does not provide moral rules. Moral principles are constructed by humans in the context of being responsible for their actions and for the actions of others. Thus, there are universal morals in the sense that humans largely agree on them, and we consider them to be right or wrong. But objectively, onContinue reading “Just a note from a while ago”

philosophical ponderings

been on my mind lately: trying to reconcile moral relativism and human rights came across preference utilitarianism: Since what is good and right depends solely on individual preferences, there can be nothing that is in itself good or bad: for preference utilitarians, the source of both morality andethics in general is subjective preference.[3] Preference utilitarianism thereforeContinue reading “philosophical ponderings”


3/28/16, 7:03pm, notes from iPhone Me and philosophical talks: the more I see of other families, the more I realize that I was raised in a very non-intellectual environment. Both my parents are very concrete people, and very emotional people in that there are no theoretical debates – no debates at all, actually – onlyContinue reading “On AM”