05/21/17 10:08am, on the plane from DC to Beijing

You’re ending with a shot of your friends outside at twelve-thirty in the morning outside on the quiet green. You were lying down, and they are all laughing so very genuinely that you feel a rush of affection just looking at it, and it is slightly blurred and lopsided so perhaps you were very genuinelyContinue reading “05/21/17 10:08am, on the plane from DC to Beijing”

05/25/17 10:41am, on my bed in Beijing, China

Of your memories in your memory bank, there are these: You both wake up late for HJ’s train. He shoots out of bed, his panicked face still somehow radiant. He wears the fluorescent green shirt you like. He shows you some crazy video with some dude who carves vaginas onto Thanksgiving foods. The room isContinue reading “05/25/17 10:41am, on my bed in Beijing, China”