prezzie’s weekend

I actually had an relatively stress-free week. it was only 4 days, after all. I thought it was going to be¬†completely stress free, but things never work out perfectly, no? It’s definitely good enough for me, haha. I just had a hard chem test and a math test that i¬†thought was going to be hard,Continue reading “prezzie’s weekend”


so today was just catch up on my work and stuff I’ve been too lazy to do day. except not really, because i was still too lazy today and i didn’t do much of it. i got some homework done (over prez weekend! what sort of a teacher DOES that?), didn’t go running even thoughContinue reading “todaaaayy”

president’s day skiing!

well last friday i went skiing! my family was gonna go, but my mom couldn’t and our friends had one spot in their car so i hitched a ride with them. my brothers didn’t go.. but it was really fun. i woke up at like 4:30, got ready, then waited for an hour because theyContinue reading “president’s day skiing!”