tons to write so I’m making two posts. the next day, on thursday, i don’t remember what i did in bio. in debate prez and novice JG debated against friend AF and crush V. crush V had this breakdown thing…idk. 6th went fine. we worked on our group project thing, and it went fine. ofContinue reading “finalssss”

yet another boring pleasant day 1-3-5

i woke up, wore yet another i-couldnt-care-less outfit, because i really couldn’t. i just don’t feel like trying this week… hoodie jeans and sweater. all in grayish-blue and grey. blah, blah, went to school. went to 1st, my friend P wasn’t there. i didn’t really care that much because i was just so tired andContinue reading “yet another boring pleasant day 1-3-5”