IJournals: 21 (7/19)

I’ve decided today was a good day. I went to piano seminar for the heck of it and learned about Bach, then went straight to the ensemble 8-hand practice I was dragged into. We talked for an hour and did nothing. I did memorize two pieces, though. Pedagogy. One of the teachers left. It wasContinue reading “IJournals: 21 (7/19)”

old friends, and bad days (what?)

so break is here, and it’s rolling. you have no idea how freaking relieved i was! all that sleep deprivation and stress was really catching up with me… on saturday, we went to visit friend SJT! yes, the friend SJT from our china summer camp, the one my brother is best friends with. i amContinue reading “old friends, and bad days (what?)”

boring, nice day at home

basically a day of rest and getting things done. so i get up nice and early and watch twilight while i digest my cereal. my day starts out great because i wake up with a somewhat flat stomach! for the first time in days! YAYYYY i go running around 8:30, and i run outside andContinue reading “boring, nice day at home”