Relationships blowing up and developing and straining and fading. Complicated feelings. Long talks in dark cars with JH. Crawling up to AYl and kissing sideways as he lies down. His smiling eyes. “You’re distracting me,” cuddling on the couch. Saturn and Hercules. Mosquito bites. Borges. Packing and moving and screaming and crying. Phone calls andContinue reading “Snapshot”

When EMC and WB and I collide

Oh, goodness. I guess, if you’ve been following my influential relationships¬†for the past few years, you would be well acquainted with the roller coaster that is EMC, and the rocky road that is WB. EMC dropped a huge text bomb on me,¬†just as I had come to terms with the relationship. She acknowledged the troublesContinue reading “When EMC and WB and I collide”

“The Talk” with AYl

I went over to his house to watch a movie last night, and I refused to make out. My little way of testing whether he was just down for the hookup. After the movie, we kissed for a minute or two, before I wound up the guts and cut us short and asked, “Hey…what areContinue reading ““The Talk” with AYl”

An Update on the Relationships I’ve Forgotten About

I guess when people fade out of your life, sometimes it’s seamless. YM. We hung out solo a few times, and saw each other in group settings, and then both of our attendances to the group settings got spotty, and we kind of didn’t talk to each other in the group, anyway. I haven’t seenContinue reading “An Update on the Relationships I’ve Forgotten About”