Goals for this year

Friends Keep up the group dynamic, but balance it properly with a good mix of individual friends that I care about deeply. People to focus on: AM, YM, MH, SF?, ES, RK. Groups to focus on: The guys, the girls. Peripherally: AM’s friends, the transfers, the folky crew. Probably not the B— crew. School: figureContinue reading “Goals for this year”

When JKm Knows Me

WH shook things up this morning (again – details later), and I decided to go to JKm for advice. I’d never before, mostly because he’s so non-confrontational I was skeptical he would give advice, and also because I didn’t think he’d want to know about my problems with WH. And he surprised me by reallyContinue reading “When JKm Knows Me”

Notes From The Plane Ride Here

1/24/16, 3:08am, notes from iPhone It’s raining in my hometown, the one city where it never rains. I know this from inside the plane, as water streams frantically, pressed against the side of the plane, and I catch just the 10 – inch section of the river through my window. Sharp lines against texture. IContinue reading “Notes From The Plane Ride Here”

iPhone Notes: Snippets from the Plane Ride Home

Fading street lights. Lights being intermittently obscured by buildings, trees. Christmas lights. Why is the city twinkling? Whoa! WhoOOOAAAh… A baby giggles as the plane lands roughly. Atlanta, Georgia. Almost home. The toddler in front of my pops over the seat and peers at me. “Hi!” I giggle. She giggles right on back.

Acceptance WOOO

Forgot to mention; got into one of my top schools a few days ago. Screamed a little, walked around with a grin plastered across my face all weekend and did no homework. Paying for that last bit with some good’ol 1am homework time (yay for sleep-deprived essays that don’t make sense in the morning), butContinue reading “Acceptance WOOO”

1st day

of school! CP brought me lunch. In a brown bag. With a smiley face and my name on it. Made with love, from his mom. SO GREAT. Classes went pretty well, all around. I have friends in my classes that I haven’t had classes with since elementary school – we squealed about that just aContinue reading “1st day”

Talking to WB

WB and I planned a phone call the other day, about band, and then about school. Band-wise, he actually volunteered to go to an activity late so he could drive me, which totally made my day. School-wise, we had the same schedule problem, and we were going to devise a solution together. But honestly, phone-call-wise,Continue reading “Talking to WB”

Foreign Day #5

Today! Super late start, so we headed to breakfast with CM and her foreign, RU and his two foreigns, and EC, GH, and TC joined up too. Breakfast went well. Class was relatively boring, but after 1st, Foreign opened up. It’s pretty interesting seeing him with his foreign friends – I get a sense ofContinue reading “Foreign Day #5”