church girls sleepover

…it was pretty fun. before from piano i went to go shopping with my mom. i bought new PJ pants at gap for like 6 bucks. i don’t enjoy shopping with my mom so much anymore, because she is so set on spending all the money she makes. i am set on saving money soContinue reading “church girls sleepover”

Grandma’s Birthday

i woke up yesterday, went running, ran about 3 miles, and felt completely discouraged. my time was 18! really, OVER 18 because it had already turned 18, and that means its already hit it….arrrrrg. BUT today, i went running again (i dragged myself out after reading an article on about how everyone has setbacks)Continue reading “Grandma’s Birthday”

another one….

well woke up yet again and my mom decides to nag me about ‘resting so my immune system can get the energy it needs to properly defend….etc, etc.’   so i did not do the work out. if i keep this up, my abs are going to completely disappear! the progress on my lower absContinue reading “another one….”

yet another boring pleasant day 1-3-5

i woke up, wore yet another i-couldnt-care-less outfit, because i really couldn’t. i just don’t feel like trying this week… hoodie jeans and sweater. all in grayish-blue and grey. blah, blah, went to school. went to 1st, my friend P wasn’t there. i didn’t really care that much because i was just so tired andContinue reading “yet another boring pleasant day 1-3-5”

decent boring day

woke up on time, did my mini workout, dressed in a pretty tunic and cuffed my jeans. the tunic was slightly sheer…..but only in the sunlight. went to school, was on time, switched seats in spanish and now I’m next to awesome people plus my friend P! yay after spanish, i looked discreetly for CrushContinue reading “decent boring day”