02/12/18, 12:21am

I have asked for three days of space, and in the aftermath of the request — an unfussy affair, a quick text and only a few minutes of heart pounding, conceived of and solidified during my evening shower, Nujabes echoing on the tile — a strange combination of blithe, anxious, dreading, and then nothing atContinue reading “02/12/18, 12:21am”

10/02/17, 1:26am

X is scared because she just had a self-destructive thought. Not that these were unheard of; X was full of self-destructive thoughts all throughout her pre- and semi-adulthood, but X had thought she was past it and that one had popped, small and innocuous, into her head as she got dressed, she knew, was notContinue reading “10/02/17, 1:26am”

Simple ways to be happy and sad

Had an objectively awesome day today, with plenty of introvert time with an interesting book that I’m proud to read, and plenty of stupid fun group time, and a satisfying heart to heart, and alone singing time with more reading. And then I decided to look at Snapchat stories, and browse Facebook, and stalk friendsContinue reading “Simple ways to be happy and sad”