The Horror That Comes When You Read Your Old Posts

My goodness. I actually hate my old self. 2011 me? Spoiled, sheltered, petty little freshman girl with no confidence and no empathy. She’s self-centered, and not even in a reflective sort of way – she’s wrapped up in the coming and goings of her mundane, boring everyday life. Like, what I ate for breakfast, and theContinue reading “The Horror That Comes When You Read Your Old Posts”

Profile: Crush AYl

Light eyes. Casual, clean cut. Tall, on the thin side, but muscled. Looks like a swimmer. Referenced football in high school. Surfs. Has a huge telescope when I mentioned stargazing. Ridiculously bushy beard juts out on the clean look of the rest of his appearance. Reserved. Aloof from afar. Upright in posture. Calm and cool.Continue reading “Profile: Crush AYl”

Lunches Alone

So, I’ve been at a low point lately because even though my social life is more active than ever, I don’t feel like I have real friends. SS the other day. It was lunchtime, and I had no plans. I took a leap of vulnerability and implied/asked to hang out with her. She obviously gotContinue reading “Lunches Alone”

Snapshots from Prom 2015

Dancing by/with my date YM in a platonic but insanely fun way. WB charging the mosh pit at the beat drop, his eyes sparkling in an almost drunk way. Sleeping on the ride back curled up against my date, his hand stroking my back and neck. “Where’s the wine?! She wants the wine! FIND THEContinue reading “Snapshots from Prom 2015”

Acceptance WOOO

Forgot to mention; got into one of my top schools a few days ago. Screamed a little, walked around with a grin plastered across my face all weekend and did no homework. Paying for that last bit with some good’ol 1am homework time (yay for sleep-deprived essays that don’t make sense in the morning), butContinue reading “Acceptance WOOO”


And, as it turns out, this one is actually a pretty good one. Or, at least, it’s pretty darn highly ranked. AND I’m apparently the top 8% of applicants, which is pretty cool beans with me. And even though I don’t quite want to go there, it’s still awesome to know that I got in,Continue reading “GOT INTO ANOTHER COLLEGE”


Daylight savings miracles, gorgeous sunsets of pollution, huge full moons. Not so much stars. Sharing guavas (two way). Sharing chestnuts (one way). Stale croissants and excavated cashew cream (surprisingly good) by the spoonful. Coconut chips gone in a week. Bulk. Ridiculously unproductive. Blowing off homework yes? Sight reading Brahms Folk songs for SATB. Meadow….that IContinue reading “Snapshot”

1st day

of school! CP brought me lunch. In a brown bag. With a smiley face and my name on it. Made with love, from his mom. SO GREAT. Classes went pretty well, all around. I have friends in my classes that I haven’t had classes with since elementary school – we squealed about that just aContinue reading “1st day”