2014 Music Camp #7: 7/21

Today was so great. Back to back masterclasses. Chamber coaching. At lunch, he told me that I’d played a beautiful private lesson. More masterclasses until dinner, then the piano faculty concert. AND THEN they just gave a talk of just everything. Which was everything I could possibly hope for. AND THEN I talked to JCContinue reading “2014 Music Camp #7: 7/21”

Track Drama and Life Lessons

Alrighty. Here’s another episode in ‘Track Drama’. So here’s what happened. Remember my ‘unbeatable time’? Yeah….they beat it. It’s because they got to go to an invitational meet that I really should have gone to, and the conditions were really good, and they both PRed. MW matched my time. Exactly. EXACTLY, down to the hundredthsContinue reading “Track Drama and Life Lessons”

Mean Girl (singular)

You know how all the adults are always saying how the world wants to be nice to you, and that you should get over your fear because everyone’s rooting for you? I just found out that’s not true. I mean, sometimes it is. For most of this year, I was focusing on getting over myContinue reading “Mean Girl (singular)”